Top 12 Inspirational Books to read for 2017

March 30, 2017 24 Comments

I know it’s already a whole quarter into 2017. As tomorrow will be wrapping up the last day of the first quarter of 2017, how are you going with tracking the process of your new year’s resolution? I have a little confession to make: Although I started 2017 high and ambitious, I haven’t been able to tick off many items from my resolution list yet, given that I’ve been mostly occupied with work everyday.


One of the top items I’ve had on my 2017’s new year’s resolution list was to read at least one book per month. Regretfully, I have only managed to finish so far. The ONE Thing by Gary Keller and Jay Papasan. With a full-time job, a blog to manage and setting up a start-up company with another Co-founder, TIME seems like a very luxury item to me. I’m glad that I finished ‘The One Thing’ at the beginning of the year, and I could actually apply many of the prioritisation skills and tricks onto my daily life in order to help me to keep my head above the water and it also taught me how to achieve the most with the minimal amount of time.


I must confess that I’m not much of a novel/fictional reader. Within the limited amount of time I have to spare every day, I would like to read something that is educational and inspirational. Below is the list of inspirational books that I have put down on my 2017’s to-read list that I would like to share with you.  What’s on your To-Read list for this year?






  1. La Caleya

    April 18, 2017

    I can only say THANK YOU as I love reading and I’m always looking around for new great ones <3 <3 <3


  2. Thomas Falkenstedt

    April 8, 2017

    Just like you I made a resolution to read more this year, but have also been engaged in so many things that have taken all my time so I haven’t had the chance to go in depth on books at all. However out of all the things you listed I think a must read for me would be “The Subtle Art of Not Giving a F*ck” as I need more of that in my life, haha.
    Thanks for the tips!


  3. Camille

    April 7, 2017

    Great post, thanks for sharing! I love books like this 🙂

    Camille xo


  4. Ana Vukosavljevic

    April 7, 2017

    I saved this whole post, Im sure I’ll get my hands on some of them. Thanks for sharing Jessie!

  5. Darlene

    April 7, 2017

    I’ve been eyeing that I am that girl book! I will be checking out the other books! cant wait for it.


  6. AMC

    April 6, 2017

    One of my New Years resolutions was to read more! I am going to check out all of these books and let you know how I go!! Thanks for the recommendations !!

  7. Open Kloset

    April 6, 2017

    Hey Beauty:)
    Hows you?
    Love Books and Reading, So Relaxing for me:) I love to Read everything and Especially About History and Food:)
    Your Suggestions were really nice:)
    Books about Motivation are Amazing:) I learned a lot from those ones:)
    Love Open Kloset By Karina
    Happy Week

  8. marcy

    April 5, 2017

    LOVE this post thanks for sharing and recommending this books babe! Im always looking for new book specially when I’m traveling as is one of my ultimate things to do and for sure is something that cannot miss in my bag (a good book). I cant believe we are in April now the year is flying.


  9. Sofia

    April 5, 2017

    Im constantly looking for new but odd books to read. I recently picked pup Assholes a Theory at the airport when I flew to New York. Definitely recommend it if you’re into those kind of books. I really want to pick up the happiness equation that you suggested!


  10. Amanda

    April 5, 2017

    Love this list you’ve included! I was just saying to my husband how incredibly insane it is that we are through a quarter of the year! It sounds like you have very full days and I can relate! I used to really enjoy reading and used to love a good fiction book on a rainy weekend! Ah…such a distant memory! I’m right with you in just finishing up one book so far this year and it’s a similar book to these. It’s Visual Intelligence. I’m so busy all the time that I zone and it’s really a great read on paying more attention to detail! Great post babe!

    Manda | http://EvocativelyChosen.com

  11. Diana

    April 5, 2017

    I never heard of this books, to be honest I never read anything that motivates you or teaches you to be motivated, most of the books that I read are classic literature. But thanks for sharinG, i will check it out!


  12. EVA

    April 5, 2017

    Such a nice idea and selection and thank you very much., I’m unfortunately didn’t have time to read and relax now but I will consider in the future.

  13. Eliza

    April 5, 2017

    These are some great recommendations, I’ll definitely take a look because I’m always on a hunt for a good book!

    Cheers, Eliza | http://www.fashion-confession.com

  14. maryam

    April 4, 2017

    Thank you for the recommendations. I am always looking for the next good read. I actually have a trip coming up an dI usually get a lot of reading done during flights, so will definitely consider these.

    xo, Maryam

  15. Kierra

    April 4, 2017

    Gosh I really need to start reading. My boyfriend loaned me a book,and I still have to read it. It is so horrible. I love books that are inspirational. All these look wonderful. Books like this are usually so inspirational, and I need to get inspired by what other people write.

  16. Aimara

    April 4, 2017

    Girl, sounds like you are busy busy!! A true girl boss!
    I haven’t been on top of my NY’s resolutions either and so far all I’ve been reading is this book called ‘What on earth are you here for?”. Maybe I’ll add some of these to my list!
    Thank you so much for sharing!

  17. Jessi Malay

    April 4, 2017

    This sounds like such an amazing list of books babe! One of my New Year’s resolutions was to definitely start reading more, so this list is such an amazing guide 🙂 Thanks so much for sharing babe!

    XO Jessi,

  18. Elefv

    April 3, 2017

    They look like great suggestions! I always like when you get something of the book you are reading. Will definitely check them out x


  19. Millie | Queenmillie

    April 3, 2017

    I do love a good inspirational read!! Super helpful post babe!!x

    Millie x

  20. Elif Kadioglu

    April 2, 2017

    Thanks for sharing your tips, I personally love inspirational and educational books! I love reading a book with the feeling that I’m actually learning something from it. I’m always on the lookout for these types of books, so your post was very helpful!

    Have a great weekend! X


    April 2, 2017

    will have to check out these books! Thanks for sharing

  22. Jennifer Quattrucci

    April 1, 2017

    I have to say that I am definitely more of a novel reader myself but you have convinced me to explore these titles. I’m actually going to try The One Thing and You are a Badass. I think I need both of them ! Thank you so much!

  23. Jessi Malay

    April 1, 2017

    Great picks for inspirational books girl!! Hope you get around to reading all of them 🙂

    XO, Jessi

  24. Candace

    April 1, 2017

    I am also more of a fictional novelist. Stephen King and Mary Higgins Clark are my absolute faves! You can say I’m a bit over-obsessed with horror and suspense novels, books that keep me on my toes. I need to get more into educational books too. My fiancé reads them all the time!


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