Boracay – Heaven on Earth

· An utopia of white sands, crystal clear water and Ibiza style party life ·

May 3, 2016 Comments Off on Boracay – Heaven on Earth

Boracay, is located approximately 315 km south of Manila, and 2 km north from the main island of Panay. It is ultimate utopia for people who loves tropical island life, white sand beach, water sports, beach parties and seafood feast. It is an island where you can never run out of things to do – it is perfect for resort life where people can chill on the beach for all day long; all kind of water sports given the perfect weather and crystal clear water; beach party where people can hop from bars to bars along the west coast and endless beach parties right on the beach…However, it does sounds flawlessly perfect, EXCEPT one thing – IT IS A PAIN TO GET TO.


Getting There

For most of the travellers, there is no direct flight to Boracay. They need to transit in Manila before they land in either Caticlan Airport, which is on the northern tip Panay, right beneath Boracay island, or Kalibo Airport, which is about 3-3.5 hours journey away from Boracay island. Caticlan is a very tiny airport – most of the airlines can not fly into Caticlan use the restriction on the size of the plane, hence why most of the airlines fly only to Kalibo. Kalibo is about 80km south from Boracay, however, travellers landing in Kalibo first need to take a bus from Kalibo airport to Caticlan Ferry, which can take about 1.5 hour – 2.5 hour on the road depends on the traffic. After going through the chaos lining up at the ferry station, travellers will then need to take another bus from the ferry stop in Boracay to wherever their hotel is on the island. Boracay is only about 6.8km long with only one main road runs from north to south across the whole island. It takes over one hour to travel from the ferry stop, which is located at the south part of the island to the northern part, if you stay at the Shangri-la Resort. Most resorts are located somewhere in between, mainly at Station 1, 2 and 3. Most of the restaurants, bars, and parties are located in Station 2.


Where To Stay

You should pick a location of a resort depends on what you want to do on the island. If you want chillax on the island and want something quiet, then Station 3 at the southern part of the island or Station 1 at the northern part of the island are highly recommended. Station 2 is where all the parties are. It is often packed with many people and beach party runs along the Station 2 often finishes after sun rise. Station 2 is a very convinient location, where you can walk to D Mall (the main shopping area) and all the main party bars within a few minutes. Many of the beach activities have a rep office set up along the beach in Station 2. However, the resorts located in Station 2 are relatively smaller and most of the them don’t have a pool. Resorts in Station 1 or 3 are often larger and they have nice pools within the resorts. All three areas (Station 1 – 3) have white sand beach and crystal clear water.


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