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July 17, 2017 44 Comments

Whether you a salesman in a company, an editor at a magazine, or a personal blogger, everyone needs to define their personal brands. Whether people are buying into your product, service or your lifestyle, personal brand is the key to everything. So what are some of the yeas and nays for building your personal brand?


Let’s back track a little bit about how did I come up with this topic. After spending my last 2 weeks in 3 continents, I rushed back to Hong Kong to join the biggest Start-up Conference in Town – Rise Conference, and this is where I met Gary Vaynerchuk, got totally inspired by #AskGaryVee. For those who don’t know, he was named to both Fortune and Crain’s 40 under 40 lists in consecutive years, and has been profiled in the New York Times, FortuneInc., and many more; and he is a prolific angel investor and venture capitalist, investing in companies including Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, Uber, and Birchbox before co-founding VaynerRSE, a $25M investment fund. He is most famous for his #AskGaryVee YouTube….So the key takeaway for above is >>> He is an Entrepreneur, who really knows how to use social media to build his personal brand.


So what are some of the key things that you should absolutely focus?

1. Be yourself 24 x 7 x365

Originality is the most important key of building your personal brand. It’s not about what others do; it’s not about what is trending in the market or social media; it’s not about what others think… It’s all about what you think is right. People are buying into your personal brand because they like you idea and what you have offered. Don’t be the trend spotter, but be the next trend setter!


2. Do your research

It takes time to be any subject matter expert. Thanks to the great invention of internet, all the information are so easily accessed nowadays. It is exceptionally important to do the research and know who are the top performers in the your space, and to know who you will be competing against with. It is equally important to do your research and reach out for the subject matter expertise for collaborations and JVs to boost up your exposures.


3. Strategy & Patience

Once you figure out personal brand, it is essential to have a strategy of how to monetize your personal brand. Try to think big, and aim bigger. Building a personal brand is like running a business, you need to set your key strategy. The place where you want to make the money are the place where you have control, not somewhere you think where money will be. It is important to have full control of your personal brand, brand strategy, and execution. Too people focused on where they think the money will be, but they have little controls of. It can be something like a very competitive market with over supplied resources, shrinking demands. Try avoid those. Patience, is another key to the success. Rome was not built in one day. Your blog or your brand is not gonna go viral over night. You need to stick to your strategy and work hard for it!


4. Work it like breathing air

Last, not the least, you need to work extremely hard for you to stand out from the crowd. Remember building a personal brand is not working for your boss, or working for your money. It’s your ultimate brand image that your are working for. You need to work for it like something you can’t live without with, like breathing the air. Which lead to the next key point that I want to bring up – which is to build your personal brand around your passion!


5. Passion, Passion, Passion!

You not gonna love your life or your work if you don’t have the passion for it. Many people waking up hating their job, so you are not motivated to get out of the bed every morning. If you are building an empire around your passion, they won’t see working as a stressful day job, instead, you will see it as your play day, and you are earning money while you are ‘enjoying’ life! So think more than twice when you plan out your personal brand and how you set the strategy to achieve it.



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(This post is done in collaboration with Team Jaggad)




  1. Angelie

    August 11, 2017

    Can’t agree more with this! It is important that you stay true to yourself because if you don’t, it will be very hard to keep up and stay happy with what you’re doing.

    Angelie // How to Wear Oversized Clothes

  2. Jenn Hanft

    July 26, 2017

    Adore the athletic wear!! You look absolutely amazing! Also I totally appreciate this post! It’s so great to help provide insight to others on how to build a personal brand. Thanks for sharing!

    With love, Jenn

  3. marcy

    July 25, 2017

    Such a great post and tips babe!!! Many of us struggle in how to establish our own brand you definitely have done an incredible job and you are such an inspiration. Thanks for sharing!!


  4. Jordan Chapman

    July 24, 2017

    First up, I’ve been following Gary for ages and I love what he stands for. He’s such an inspiration and I love how you’ve curated your brand. It stands out not only on your socials, but in your writing and photos. Building a personal brand isn’t easy, but I do know that it comes with time.
    Jordan xx

  5. Amy

    July 23, 2017

    You’ve done an amazing job of this, Jessie!!! Great advice from Gary – he’s so inspiring.

    xx, Amy

  6. Jessi Malay

    July 22, 2017

    Hey Jessie, this post was so inspirational and helpful for young bloggers out there- on point as always! Definitely staying true to myself and being passionate about what I do each day has helped me grow in so many ways. Thanks for the awesome post (and super cute outfit too!).

    XO, Jessi

  7. Samantha Mariko

    July 22, 2017

    These are all great tips on building a personal brand and image! It definitely takes a lot of hard work and patience to get to where you wanna be. That’s wonderful you got to participate in this convention and learned all these helpful tips!

  8. Jo

    July 21, 2017

    Love this insightful post on branding, which is truly so important for us bloggers. All of your tips are so on point. Staying true to oneself from day one is really key. I’ve really found everything starts to fall into place easier after that.

    xo, Jo

  9. Sheree

    July 20, 2017

    Thank you for sharing this amazing post Jessie!! As a blogger, it is even more important to build a personal brand, one that the followers relate to and drawn to. I look back at all of my favorite bloggers, they all have a strong sense of identity, they creat style, and set the trends and not blindly follows them. I am so impressed that you got to meet GaryV!!! I have listened to his pod casts before and it is always so thought provoking and inspiring. I would love to meet him some day as well!

    ~ xo Sheree

  10. Jacqueline

    July 20, 2017

    This is everything! Thank you so much for this post. You nailed it again! I love all your posts and I think this hits the nail on the head. People think success will happen overnight. Or they see someone else do it and think I can do it but follow what other people do. I love your transparency in all your posts and this brand that you’ve built!

  11. Brown Eyed Toast

    July 20, 2017

    I am so glad you wrote this post babe! As a blogger, it’s so hard to differentiate ourselves from everyone else out there. Understanding what is your personal brand and how to build it is so important, and this is something I contemplate constantly. Your motto on being a trend setter, and not a trend spotter truly hits home. It’s also about identifying what niche you’d like to be trend setter in I think. Also, you make such great points about working hard and being passionate. Rome wasn’t built in a night! Thanks for sharing such a motivational post babe! (p.s. love the workout look! Have been getting into fitness lately and need to try this brand!)

    xo Soo | http://www.BrownEyedToast.com

  12. Eliza

    July 19, 2017

    That is exactly what I was thinking about recently. You have to act like you are your own brand. What you say, how you act, the way you behave – basically you’re building up bit by bit your own future success and your own brand. And being yourself is one of the key things. I really love all those tips you’ve shared here. And you’re a lucky girl being able to meet Gary V, he’s such an inspiration.

    Cheers, Eliza | http://www.fashion-confession.com

  13. Sophia

    July 19, 2017

    The leggings looks super cool!


  14. Bernice

    July 19, 2017

    This post was so motivating to truly hone in on my brand, and would be amazing for other young people who are still trying to figure out who they are in the world!


  15. Gracie

    July 19, 2017

    Jesse what a wonderful post. I just graduated from high school and I feel like a lot of your points I have been trying to do. I am so disciplined n my blogging, exercising, healthily eating, studies, and on and on. I will be heading to USC this fall – your post is just a reminder of what I need to keep doing. Love your exercise line you are wearing.



  16. Christine Kong

    July 19, 2017

    Gary Vee is like my hubbie’s idol! He always listens to him and tries to get me to as well. Gary Vee is so inspirational and his passion and motivation are far reaching. I love the summary of how to build your personal brand and definitely need to work at it daily. Anything worth achieving takes hard work and patience and getting there is never easy but so worth it in the end. Thanks for this motivating post and helping me focus on myself and my goals. You look amazing in this fitness wear and have such a fit body! xoxo, Christine

    • 4evajessie@gmail.com

      July 19, 2017

      Gary Vee is my idol too!!! I know some of my friends think he is just another smart a$$ (excuse their languages), but I think he certainly have made lots of good points in the past, and there are many things we can learn from him. You should get into his youtube channel!! it’s not just for guys, as I woman, I like his vlogs too!!! Blunt and bold.. and straight to the points!!

  17. Eva

    July 19, 2017

    Beautiful and motivating post .
    Let’s dream came true , we mist work hard but everything is possibile.
    Immaginate first is important. I love a lot the first point to BE YOURSELF do t copy and create something unique. But what ? 😉 I’m often asking my mind but doesn’t get answer yet

    • 4evajessie@gmail.com

      July 19, 2017

      THanks Eva. I think I should totally type out that BE YOURSELF message out BIG and BOLD! Without it, we are no different from everybody else, and to make our blogs to standout, be original and unique is definitely the absolute key! To produce something unique, maybe it’s just as simple as follow our heart!! 🙂

  18. Amanda

    July 19, 2017

    First, how do you look so incredible in athletic gear! You are truly stunning my friend! This is a wonderful post! I love everything you’ve included here. I really wish I would have attended some seminars on branding or really even asked others already in the field, what their advice would be. I went in blind and not realizing what I was doing. Years later, I’m just now really getting into the meat of branding. It’s the journey BUT post like this are so helpful to bloggers at every level! It’s a good reminder to stay focused and moving forward inch by inch! Movement is movement right?

    Manda | http://EvocativelyChosen.com

    • 4evajessie@gmail.com

      July 19, 2017

      Thanks Amanda, I love every piece from Jaggad. They designs are so pretty!!!

      Yes. each inch of movement towards our goal counts. Small moves paves the way for the bigger goals!! I hope this post would help the bloggers during their early stages, who are still trying to define their personal brands.

  19. Aimara

    July 19, 2017

    First of all, major body goals!!! You are a babe and love this activewear!
    Second, what an awesome post! I’ve never heard of Gary, so I’m definitely checking out his YT channel ASAP!
    I couldn’t agree more about his (and your) takeout on how to build a personal brand! It’s all about being your self and being passionate!
    It’s hard, and it does take patience, but it will all pay off in the end!
    Thanks for the inspo!

    • 4evajessie@gmail.com

      July 19, 2017

      Thank you girl!! Gary Vaynerchuk is quite big in the entrepreneurial space in the States. Definitely worth checking out his Youtube channel as he is the expert of using social media to promote his personal brand, which is exactly what every blogger needs =)

  20. Candace

    July 19, 2017

    If only I had read these tips years ago before figuring it out on my own. You couldn’t be more right about these! Most important is to stay true to yourself and everything else will come!


    • 4evajessie@gmail.com

      July 19, 2017

      Thanks Candace. You are doing great with your blog. You should definitely share some of your experiences in the early stage with us =)

  21. Thomas Falkenstedt

    July 19, 2017

    Darn girl, this was such a good pep talk which came to me in the right moment after having spent 5 weeks touring fashion weeks in both Europe and New York and now I’ve got TONS of work awaiting me. However while traveling I’ve been building the brand, which is me, immensely and am proud of myself. What people do not understand is why I just don’t toss up some content and get it over and done with. That brings us two point number 2. People do not understand how much time at least I and many other bloggers do (the good ones that is) before writing an article or post. Of course you’ll have those “I just loveeeeee this dress” kinda bloggers, but they’ll fortunately never make it through all these points of yours. Do I sound over confident and even a bit patronizing? Well, maybe I am, but at the same time, both you and me have got what it takes and I’m happy for both of us. On another note you look adorable in that athleisure wear!
    Thomas xx

    • 4evajessie@gmail.com

      July 19, 2017

      I totally feel you Thomas!! Sometimes, when I’m on the road and have back to back meetings, there are times I really can’t be bothered to write my posts!!! But sometimes it’s just the extra push that we need to push ourselves to the next level!! I often write my post and do my blogging works in the lounge while I’m waiting for boarding or even on the plane. Although there is no wifi (sometimes are but super expensive), we can always work on the writing or edit the photos during the flight, instead of slacking off and watch a movie =) … I’m a firm believer of when there is a will, there will be a way!! I can’t wait to read your blog posts about the fashion weeks.

  22. Open Kloset

    July 19, 2017

    Hey Darling,
    Hows you?
    So Inspiring Darling, Totally agree with your each Tips, Patience is super Important, and that we do Believe in ourselves:)
    Your Active Wear is Stunning… Love it soooo much:) Ps: you Look so Fit:)
    Perfect Body:)
    Love Kisses
    Open Kloset By Karina

    • 4evajessie@gmail.com

      July 19, 2017

      Yes babe. Totally agree with you. Confidence is also another key! We need to believe in ourselves in all times in order to archive bigger goals =)

  23. Sharon Wu

    July 18, 2017

    Great tips babe! Researching is definitely key and I totally had to do more of that before launching my boutique. And of course… having patience… can’t expect things to go your way all overnight! Lol I often have to remind myself of this and my bf reminds me too because I’m naturally an anxious person and like to see instant results haha! I love your workout gear btw! xo, sharon


    • 4evajessie@gmail.com

      July 19, 2017

      HAHA, I use to be the same. Loving seeing instant results. Over the years I’ve learnt that great things are often planned and built over along time. Setting both short term and long terms goals are so important, so we can see ‘hopefully instant’ results on the short term goals, while we are paving our ways to archive for the long term ones.

  24. Mariann Yip

    July 18, 2017

    I absolutely loved this post because I have been working on my personal brand for the past few months. Being yourself and having passion are two important tips so thank you for sharing!

    • 4evajessie@gmail.com

      July 18, 2017

      Yes girl. I have noticed the changes on your blog!!! I have to say, you have been doing a great job! keep up with the great work!!1

  25. Aldora

    July 18, 2017

    Wow this is such an educational post Jessie! I agree with you that having a personal brand, we need to be authentic and find our own voice 🙂 and I think it’s important to be passionate in everything we do so that we can work hard for it without having to feel like its a chore. Thanks for sharing!

    • 4evajessie@gmail.com

      July 18, 2017

      Totally with you girl! Passion is definitely somewhere on top of my list. I use to have a job that pays very well, but I hated it every day. I had no motivation to get myself out of the bed every morning! That was definitely a horrible experience. Life is too short to be wasted on thing we hate or we don’t enjoy! So why not work for something or build something about our passion!

  26. Jessi Malay

    July 18, 2017

    I love everything about this post babe! I definitely agree that it is important for everyone to find their own niche in this industry! It makes easier for everyone to relate to and be real with!

    XO, Jessi

    • 4evajessie@gmail.com

      July 18, 2017

      Thanks Jessi!! You are definitely one of the high achievers among the blogging space. I would really love to hear more from you about how did you build your personal brand during the early stage of your career and what are some of the advice you would give to the follower bloggers.


    July 18, 2017

    such a great post girl!

    • 4evajessie@gmail.com

      July 18, 2017

      Thanks Girl!

  28. Jennifer Quattrucci

    July 17, 2017

    Dear Jessie!
    This is truly amazing! You are such a fabulous inspiration and I really appreciate that you shared all of these tips with us. I’ve been working hard to establish my blog and I definitely needed to hear this – especially the parts about researching and having patience! Also I really love the workout gear ! Perfect!
    Yours truly,

    • 4evajessie@gmail.com

      July 18, 2017

      Thank you Jennifer. I love your blog, you definitely have some unique touch for your posts, especially with all those creative writings, quotes and the cooking recipes. Reading your blog is a very joyful journey! Please keep up with your great work!

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