Champagne Brunch at Zuma Hong Kong

March 22, 2016 Comments Off on Champagne Brunch at Zuma Hong Kong

I have to say, nothing beats a Sunday Champagne brunch with your BFFs and unwind a whole week worth of stress over a glass of Champagne or the cleanse teas. The expats in Hong Kong loves the weekend free flow brunches, and Zuma is definitely among the top picks. Coming from Australia, I’m a huge fan of outdoor dining and Zuma has this relaxing terrace with lounge couches, which makes it the perfect pick for a Sunday chillax free flow brunch.

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Zuma is famous for its fusion-ised Japanese food, however, the most attractive part of its brunch is the free flow of cocktails and cleanse teas (for only HKD 100 p.p.), or with an extra HKD 180 p.p. you can stuff youself with unlimited Champagne (Perrier Jouet). Coming straight from a training session for our North Korea marathon, of cause, we had started with the Bloody Mary and worked our way down the drinks list.

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The premium quality of oysters, sushi and sashimi were definitely the highlight of the the brunch. However, the best were their New Zealand Lamb chops and Miso Black Cod, which you can order from the menu as a part of the brunch.

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If you were impressed by Zuma’s options for mains, you should definitely take a look at their desserts. Loading you up with all kinds of temptations.

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