Dead Sea – Lowest Point on Earth

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Located right between Israel and Jordan, Dead Sea can be accessed from both countries. It is famous for being the lowest elevation on earth (its surface is approximately 400m below the sea level) and the highest salinity. It is about 10 times more salty than the ocean, which makes it the perfect place for floating. Without further ado, which you can read on Wikipedia, so what’s the best way to plan your next visit to Dead Sea?


What to do at Dead Sea?

Almost everyone goes to Dead Sea for floating and mudding. There’s actually a whole procedure you have to follow for the floating and mudding at the Dead Sea. First, you go float into the Dead Sea for 5-10 mins to allow the pores of your skin to open up. Then someone from the resort will put on a thick layer of nature mud, from the bottom of the Dead Sea concentrated with nature minerals, to you face and body. You then wait in the sun or in the shade to let the clay-ish looking mud to air dry before you go back to floating in the Dead Sea to wash off the muds. My skin felt extremely soft and smooth for at least a whole week after the mudding. I wish I could bring the mud home and use them as my weekly beauty treatments.

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Where to stay?

The Israel side of Dead Sea is about 10m lower than the Jordan side, which makes the water saltier on the Israel side and therefore the banks of the lake are less stable over there. There are only two 5-star hotels right on the Dead Sea on the Israel side: Leonado Club Dead Sea hotel and Herods Dea Sea Hotel. They are a lot more pricier than hotels on the Jordan side and the rooms are quite old and small. Quite a few big brands on the Jordan side: Kempinski, Marriott, Moevenpick and Crowne Plaza and they are relatively newer and way cheaper (would cost you on y 1/3 of the price for a much better quality of stay) compare of the ones on the other side.


However, due to the low elevation of Dead Sea, it is extremely hot when it’s 400m below the sea level and I struggled to sun bake in the sun for 2 straight hours. I would recommend you to stay somewhere nearby or hotels in Amman city and have Dead Sea planned as a day trip or a half-day trip. I stayed at Ma’in Hot Spring Hotel, which is one of the hotels from the Six Senses Group. It is located only 10-15 mins drive away from the Dead Sea, in  between Amman City, Jerusalem City and Petra, which makes it the central location for all the day trips.


Most of the hotels they accept Day-trip visitors if you pay JD 50 dollars or so to use their facility. My driver, who is the local expert, took me to this amazing place with an awesome view of the Dead Sea for only JD 25 dollars (O Village Dead Sea).

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When is the best time to visit?

You definitely don’t want to fry your skin at the Dead Sea during the summer time, and you also don’t want to get caught by its raining reason (December – February), when there is a very high chance of landslides in the Valley due to the local landscapes and the soil types, which leaves you the windows of March – May and September to November.




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