The Georg by Georg Jensen,Beijing

June 2, 2016 Comments Off on The Georg by Georg Jensen,Beijing

Late last year opened a new lifestyle space – The Georg by Georg Jensen in the heart of Beijing. The traditional courtyard style stone house located on the banks of the Jade river. The refurbished traditional courtyard style stone houses in Beijing is often layout in a square shape with housing at each side of the wing and a court yard in the middle. It was stunned by the beautiful court yard  set right under an open space glass atrium when I first stepped into the restaurant. It was perfectly designed to let the right amount of light to pass through and looked extremely stunning during the sunset time.


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East Wing

After entering the magnificently grand 2-storey entrance, we were greeted by the host and warmly led East Wing for a drink before all partied arrived dinner. The BAR – runs along the East Wing surrounded by high tables and stool.


North Wing

The restaurant, a Scandinavian style dining space is located directly towards you as you pass through the court yard. It is furnished with all Georg Jensen furnitures decorated with Georg Jensen’s glasses wares.

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International cuisine is served in the Restaurant and all dished are priced at RMB 130, which is very reasonably priced given the quality of each dish and fresh ingredients used for each dish. All utensils, glasses wares, plates, even table clothes are from Georg Jensen’s collections.

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West Wing

Located on the west side of the court yard is the “Living Room”, there windows runs from top down in the 2-store building and a huge dining table is set up right in the middle for host private functions and dining. On one side of the wall, there is a shelf that covers a whole wall with all delicate Georg Jensen decorative pieces placed throughout the shelf.

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South Wing

Located on the south side of the court yard is The Gallery – spacious and stunning! It turns into the smoking area during dinner where people can just chillax on the couch while taking their time to appreciate the art works on the wall throughout the space.

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