Grand Canyon -Mile High Club Experience with a Chopper

June 30, 2016 Comments Off on Grand Canyon -Mile High Club Experience with a Chopper

Did I join a ‘Mile High Club’? No, I was only joking. However, the ‘mile high’ experience I had with Maverick at Grand Canyon National Park was probably more sensational than the actually Mile High Club, at least I do think so, not that I have tried the other one.

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It was not my first time visiting Grand Canyon with a helicopter, so when a friend ask me to join her for the helicopter ride, I was like “oh well, just another chopper ride”. However, it turned out to be one of the most remarkable moments of my life. I never thought this huge crack in the middle of the dessert would look so magnificent and ravishing when the almost setting sun casting heavenly pink lights onto the rocks during the sunset. At that very moment, I told myself – life is great – from the bottom of my heart and I enjoyed every second of the present moment on my ride back to the Vegas Strip.

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Hoover Dam

We flew over Hoover Damn only a few minutes after departure from the Vegas Strip. It looks more magnificent over right above! I’m so proud of the the engineers and workers who worked on this mega 7-wonder project during the early 1930s. It finished ahead of its schedule and below its budget! Bravo!

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Arriving at the bottom of the Canyon

The true beauty lies at the bottom! Gaze over the one-mile high canyons, I see blue skies, I see freedoms…and occasionally I see eagles flying over freely. That’s something I yarn for, for a long time, being free. However, the reality is often very crude –  no one is truly free. we are often trapped by our own egos, desires, lusts and project enormous pressures onto ourselves. When can we ever be truly free?

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Busy with our little photo shoot =)FullSizeRender (2) IMG_5845 IMG_5830

Set me free and let me jump for joy!

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Before the sun goes down

Before the sun truly goes down, we had to stop over at a satellite station for re-fuel.

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All things will come to an end

Sadly, it was the final part of  our ride and now we are back to the Strip! Luckily, we could take one last glimpse of the beautiful sun before it hides beyond the horizon. I admire the true beauty of sunset, but they are like fireworks, only last a short moment before die into the darkness.

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