Island Life in Boracay

May 5, 2016 Comments Off on Island Life in Boracay

I’ve never really used ‘delicious’ as an adjective to describe ocean, but there is always a first time for everything. When I first saw the crystal clear water at Boracay island, my first impression was: Delicious! It looked so delicious that I want to jump straight in immediately. I spent my next few days in the water, and on the water, ever since my ‘love by the first sight’.


Boracay is the heaven for the ones who love sailing and boating lives. I tried several types of boats on the water during my island hopping and I have to say, sunset sailing was definitely my favourite, by far. Not saying travelling with motor boats or speed boats are no good, but they are just not as relaxing as sailing. It was peacefulness and the lay-backess of whole sailing experience made me enjoyed every second of my life while I was on the boat. We started sailing around 5pm, which we had about an hour to enjoy the sunset before the sun hides away beneath the horizon. The temperature normally drops a little during that time of the day, which makes the sailing a lot more enjoyable since the sailing boats don’t have covers, and it could get extremely hot during the day around noon time. There is a fishing-net looking net on each side of the boat and it felt like I was sitting write on the water. Occasionally, I lie on my back and stare into the sky and just let my mind drift into the odyssey…


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