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July 19, 2016 4 Comments

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Most people are unaware the fact that 70% of what we put onto our skin actually gets to absorbed into your skin and go into the bloodstreams. One advise to all my friends out there, we need to know the key ingredients of our skincare products before we blindly purchase through the renowned brands.  I recently came across to Purearth through a friend’s recommendation and now I’m hooked. All ingredients are wildly harvested at altitudes of over 7000 feet in the pristine Himalayas, which contain no GMOs, chemical pesticides, parabens, pthalates, synthetic colours, fragrances or additives.


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Here’s a few of my top picks from my personal customer experience:

Himalayan Salt Body Polish – USD 60.00

My best pick! Made with Himalayan pink salt, wild plant, flower and seed extracts, and uplifted by pure essential oils to leave a glowing and satin look on the skin. It delivers a divine perfumed scent for my body and silky smooth skin. I’ve been using it once a week before I go out for a beach tan during the weekends and I’ve noticed small changes like more even tans and less dead skins.

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Bitter Apricot Body & Hair Oil – USD 56.00

The nourishing oil was cold pressed from Himalayan bitter apricot kernels and leaves skin feeling tones and hair feeling exquisitely smooth. I’ve been applying it before I go to bed every second night on my hair and I can feel the progress in my hair given it has been heavily bleached for summer colours and quite damaged with all the pool parties and yacht parties I’ve been attending this summer. This is definitely something I would recommend if you hair or skin need a graduate boost.

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Illumine Face Elixir Oil – USD 120.00

This a precious rejuvenating face oil that is made with Himalayan plant botanical. It contains wild seabuckthorn berry, rosehip seed and rose damascene oil that helps skin to rejuvenate, reduces fine lines and wrinkles and at the same time providing skin with a luminous glow. My skin has been exposed to the sun heavy this summer to maintain my summer tan and one thing I have noticed was I started to get those fine lines on my face near my eyes. I have been using Illumine Face Elixir Oil for 2 weeks now and I can see that most of those evil fine lines have diminished.

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Stress Relieving Tulsi Tea Infusion – USD 40.00

An ancient Ayurvedic herbal infusion tea dated back to 5000 years ago. Tulsi is known for stress relief for both physical and emotional stresses. This was exactly something I was looking for given the enormous amount of stresses I  get from my day job and the amount of physical stresses I get from daily exercises. Here’s one little trick I want to share with my reader – sometimes when I feel naughty – I add the Tulsi Tea infusion into my champagnes, so I can both enjoy my social night out with my girl friends and also feeling relaxed when I go home for a good night of sleep. I know this is a very cheeky way, and Purearth’s tea infusion products were made just for us to enjoy both social life and at the same time help us distress.

Tulsi Tea


Just to be clear: Yes, this post is done in collaboration with Purearth. However, I have purchased a few items through their website myself for gifting my friends after trying their products. As I’ve mentioned earlier – I’m hooked! by their pure ingredients and absolutely amazing scents. If every one of you do want to try their products, use the discount code: 4EVAJESSIE for a 15% discount and they ship internationally.

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  1. Kavita Khosa

    November 22, 2016

    Thank you for the LOVE! Im so delighted you have enjoyed experiencing our artisanal collection, handcrafted for your skin and senses to luxuriate in! xoxo Kavita

  2. Sharon Wu

    July 19, 2016

    This looks amazing! I definitely need to give it a try soon. Thanks for sharing babe xo, sharon


    • 4evajessie@gmail.com

      July 19, 2016

      Thank you Sharon! Btw, your blog is so inspirational! Some of them have inspired me for my next few blog posts 🙂 looking forward to your future post!


    • 4evajessie@gmail.com

      July 20, 2016

      Thanks Sharon 😉 I sure you will even love the products more when you can smell how beautiful their scents are ?

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