Shenkin Hotel – Tel Aviv, Israel

June 29, 2017 42 Comments

While everyone is busy spending time on the beach partying and drinking in Ibiza. I decided to go somewhere more unique this summer. Here I am, found myself soaking in the beautiful Israeli sun on the beach at the beginning of the summer season, when the weather here in Israel is not yet too hot and humid. Israeli’s national flag is a true representation of the beautiful weather in Israel: Blue & White – the blue skies, with no clouds, and the white sandy beach! I’m extremely honored to be invited by Shenkin Hotel as a guest, and that’s where I spent my first 24 hours in Israel before I moved onto Jerusalem.

Located right in the heart of the Central Tel Aviv district, Shenkin Hotel is right in between to the most famous market in Tel Aviv, Ha’Camel Market, the hipster and trendy street Shenkin Street, and the tranquil and high class street Rothschild Bvld. Everything is walking distance from Shenkin Hotel, for shopping, food, café or chilling on the famous Tel Aviv Beach. No taxi needed what so ever.

My day started in the Ha’Camel Market with some street food and local drinks right after my chick-in. Although it’s a street market, but it is clean and non-chaotic. The market is filled with many tourists and local Israeli who are on the hunt for some fresh food and ingredients. (One friendly advice: this market is among the top 10 visit places in Tel Aviv, therefore, many items even food here are quite over priced. A classic straw hat here cost about ILS 50, which you can purchase the same one with half of that amount else where).

June is definitely a good month to visit Israel, it’s warm enough to give you some nice tan, but not too hot nor too humid, which still allow you to enjoy all activities in the sun. I spent my lazy Sunday afternoon chilling on the rooftop of Shenkin Hotel, which a bottle of Cava  and a book to work on my tan, before I strolled down to the beach for a walk during sunset. The sun takes about 2 hours to set here, and it goes dark around 8pm during the summer, which give you plenty time to enjoy the sun and all the beach activities here.


My body wakes with the sunrise! At 5:50am I was already wildly awake, so I decided to take the advantage of the freshness of the morning air and go for a run on the beach promenade. Shenkin Hotel is only less than 500m away from the main beach in Tel Aviv. During the morning, there are lots of joggers along the beach promenade, and there are even workout spaces built out on the beach for people to work out while enjoy the view of the beautiful Mediterranean sea.


The hotel does not have a kitchen on site, however, it has its own café just a few 2 streets down the road in this tranquil neighborhood. It is a lovey walk in the morning just to get a feeling of what’s a real Israeli neighborhood like, because I reached the cute French influenced café Ben-Ami Café. It’s located on a quiet corner of the neighborhood, which has lovely terrace sittings, where you can just chill and people watch.

What a perfect first 24 hours in Israel before I made my way to Jerusalem for some cultural experiences.


Stay tuned for my upcoming adventures in Israel.


(This post is sponsored by Shenkin Hotel)



  1. Laura Offrs

    August 29, 2017

    Wow OOh i do love this idea, beautiful location, visit next month.


    • 4evajessie@gmail.com

      September 2, 2017

      Great hope you have fun there 🙂

  2. Dealman Reviews

    August 21, 2017

    Loveee the dress and the hotel dear, Great post.

  3. Deddeh Howard

    July 13, 2017

    Girl, looks like you had so much fun. This hotel is so beautiful and the environment looks comfortable.

  4. Sharon Wu

    July 11, 2017

    wow this hotel looks divine darling! wish i could experience it! haha the lobby looks so cute and i want in on some of that food!!! xo, sharon


  5. Tandya

    July 8, 2017

    The Shenkin Hotel looks beautiful! It sounds like it is in a great location in Tel Aviv! The Ha’Camel Market looks like so much fun! It is a bummer that the prices are hiked. The gummy candies look delicious! Your first 24 hours in Israel looked great! Thank you for sharing. Enjoy Jerusalem, I can’t wait to read your next post!


  6. Jenn Hanft

    July 7, 2017

    The Shenkin hotel looks like the cutest place to stay in Tel Aviv. The interior is beautiful, homey and minimal and rooftop tanning looks incredible! I’m glad the hotel was also so close to the beach. Glad you had an amazing time!!

    With love, Jenn

  7. Aimara

    July 6, 2017

    Love the decor and style of this hotel!
    Sounds like you had a good 24-hour stay 🙂 I’d love to visit Israel one day!
    Love the idea of walking to that little cafe for breakfast. I always try to do things like this when I travel, because it really gives you a real feel of what the city is like 🙂
    Can’t wait to read about the rest of your trip!
    Thanks for sharing!

  8. Diana

    July 6, 2017

    My husband dreams to travel there. We have been talking to travel to Israel. I have also a friend. who lives in Tel Aviv.Looks like you had a wonderful stay there.


  9. Ana Vukosavljevic

    July 6, 2017

    Looks like you had amazing trip. I would love to visit Israles, I heard only the best about their food. Hotel where you stayed look so good! I love trendy, modern and minimalistic design. I enjoyed your photos soo much!

  10. Katya

    July 6, 2017

    This is such beautiful hotel! And a wonderful country! I’ve been to Israel in 2012 but didn’t have a chance to visit Tel Aviv. Looking at the photos of this gorgeous hotel and all the sights you mentioned it was such an amazing vacation! Good for you, darling!! I definitely need to visit it again!

  11. Vanessa Berlin

    July 6, 2017

    It looks like you had an incredible vacation. I have never been in Israel but after reading your post, it will be one of my top ten travel destinations! The Shenkin Hotel looks amazing, the decoration is so beautiful and cozy. I love the idea about the location! and I would definitely visit the market, it looks great.
    Thanks for sharing!


  12. ClaudioX

    July 5, 2017

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  13. Open Kloset

    July 5, 2017

    Hey Beautiful,
    Hows you?
    Whatva Dream travel in Israel:)
    Tel Aviv is sooo Cool:)
    So Beautiful The Shenkin Hotel:)
    The Room Looks Amazing:)
    I am a big Market Fan and the Ha’ Camel Market looks so Interesting:)
    Definitely can imagine myself there:) Buying Tasting Goodies:)
    Love Open Kloset By Karina
    Kisses Hugs
    Wish you Happy Day

  14. Lana

    July 5, 2017

    Wow, this hotel is amazing. Like it’s simple and unique style. I would love to visit Israel one day, amazing country with amazing culture! And you look so gorgeous!


  15. Natalia k

    July 5, 2017

    What a amazing destination that hotel sounds perfect!
    Ive been eyeing all your snaps on Instagram and since it’s winter here I’m totally dreaming of sun sand and a gorgeous tan like yours.
    I also love running in mornings especially on vacation as you can explore while you workout.
    Can’t wait to see the rest of your travels
    Natalia k

  16. Perry Juergens

    July 5, 2017

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  17. Jacqueline

    July 5, 2017

    What a great little getaway. Love the boutique hotel and all the little activities you did around it. I’m sure it was a lot more fun than partying and drinking. Soaking in the sun and going on adventures is way better!

  18. Michelle

    July 4, 2017

    So jealous! It’s been years since I’ve been to Israel. My sister lives there in the desert and it’s actually pretty hot already – Tel Aviv and Jerusalem are still pretty good weather wise thou. And things are overpriced in the market becasue they expect you to try to bargain them down LOL. Be sure to avoid the tourist traps in general thou. Can’t wait to see the rest of your adventures!

  19. Sheree

    July 4, 2017

    I would love to visit Israel Tel Aviv, and reading this travelogue really takes me on a visual tour. It looks incredible and have so much culture mixed in the day to day. The Shenkin Hotel have a lovely modern decor and aesthetics that is totally mystyle, I love the clean lines and chic accents that they put in.

    xo Sheree

  20. Bernice

    July 4, 2017

    What a cool holiday destination to choose! I love how the markets are overflowing with amazing finds, and fresh food! It must’ve smelt amazing xx


  21. Lily Rose

    July 4, 2017

    Wow I’ve never been to Israel but your description makes it sound like a lovely place to visit in June. Shenkin Hotel is definitely a great place to stay in your first 24 hours, the decor is so modern and chic and their cafe looks amazing. I love the market you visit. It looks amazing even though the prices are higher, but I could always go for the photos hehe. Thanks for this guide babe and can’t wait to see Jerusalem next!

    -Lily from With Love Lily Rose

  22. Erin

    July 3, 2017

    Dying to visit Tel Aviv! xx, Erin – http://www.stylebythepeople.com

  23. Gina Diaz

    July 3, 2017

    Wow! So happy to read your post!!! I love Israel so much!! I was just there the beginning of June. I visited Tel Avi and Jerusalem as well and I really enjoyed both places. Your hotel is so lovely and next time I visit Israel would love to stay there for sure. Also, all your pictures are so lovely!!! can’t wait to see more!!!

    xx. Gina

  24. Jennifer Quattrucci

    July 3, 2017

    Dear Jessie,
    Oh my goodness! I have been completely fascinated by your trip to Israel. Your pictures on Instagram were amazing and I couldn’t wait to see this blog post. This boutique hotel is so elegant and luxurious at the same time. Thank you so much for the tip about the overpricing and thank you so much for this gorgeous photos!
    Yours truly,

  25. Gracie

    July 3, 2017

    Looks like you had a wonderful trip. Tel Aviv will have to be put on my bucket list. Hotel looks great.



  26. Helen Chik

    July 3, 2017

    I’ve heard amazing things about Tel Aviv and it looks like the perfect place to go instead of Ibiza! I honestly don’t think I could do Ibiza during it’s peak season and would choose a place like Tel Aviv over that any day!

    Hotel looks so fab too and great that it’s so conveniently located!

    Helen xx

  27. Britta

    July 3, 2017

    Israel is for sure a better choice that party vacay in Ibiza!
    This hotel looks so beautiful and cozy! Everything looks so modern and chic- perfect place to relax after being out exploring!
    I love visiting markets when traveling and this one is no exception! Looks so cute!

  28. Colleen Welsch

    July 3, 2017

    Tel Aviv looks a lot like Southern California! That market looks so cool…even if you go just to browse and not buy anything. You did a great job photographing the hotel 🙂


  29. Eliza

    July 2, 2017

    This hotel looks so lovely! I really like its simple yet trendy design. My sister lives in Tel Aviv, so I know that area quite good. I’m sure you spend a great time there, Israel is such a wonderful place to travel to. And the food there is soooo damn delicious!

    Cheers, Eliza | http://www.fashion-confession.com

  30. Thomas Falkenstedt

    July 2, 2017

    Israel and Tel Aviv in particular has for long been on top of my list of places to go as it seems to have it all. The Shenkin hotel seems close to basically everything and offers a great place to stay at. And no matter how beautiful it is I doubt I would be up at 5:50 for a morning run, haha. I gotta work on that part. Now I really do want to visit Tel Aviv however and Shenkin looks like the place to stay!

  31. Candace

    July 2, 2017

    Israel is so gorgeous! I never knew Tel Aviv had a beach. Boy, is it gorgeous? Shenkin Hotel sounds like the perfect place to stay!


  32. Cynthia

    July 2, 2017

    Wow, I’ve never thought about going to Israel before, but will definitely put it on the list after this post! Everyone’s travel posts are giving me serious wanderlust! I hope you’re having an amazing week girl!

    Thanks for the great post!



  33. Samantha Mariko

    July 2, 2017

    I’m so glad you introduced the Shenkin Hotel and parts of Israel in this post because I’ve never visited before and was always curious as to what kind of place it is. How convenient that a lot of cool spots are walking distance from the hotel! I love it when the weather is perfect during vacation 🙂 Israel looks stunning in your photos!


    July 1, 2017

    Looks so beautiful! need to visit

  35. Christine Kong

    July 1, 2017

    Wow, I had no idea that you were in Israel and what a fab boutique hotel! I honestly wouldn’t have expected it to be so modern and hip, but it’s such a nice surprise that the hotel is. The market looks amazing and so cute but glad to know it is a tad overpriced. What a fun trip and can’t wait to see more. xoxo, Christine

  36. Jo

    July 1, 2017

    Tel Aviv looks absolutely gorgeous! I really want to visit now after reading your post and I know where to stay now too! The Shenkin Hotel is so charming. I really love the cute little details in its interiors.

    xo, Jo

  37. Jessi Malay

    July 1, 2017

    W O W I can’t believe that was only 24 hours! Your trip looks amazing so far, and I can’t wait to see your pictures from Jerusalem. Can’t wait to go to the Ha’Camel Market myself someday <3

    XO, Jessi

  38. Jordan Chapman

    July 1, 2017

    Wow what an amazing hotel!! I’ve never been to Tel Aviv, but I really want to go sometime soon! This hotel sounds just as amazing as it looks and I’m loving that it is in the centre of everything! Sounds like you had an amazing time!
    Jordan xx

  39. Stephanie

    June 30, 2017

    Talk about seriously the cutest hotel of all time. I want to go! And the amazing sights you got to see in Tel Aviv are just incredible. I hope I get to start traveling soon!

  40. Mariann Yip

    June 30, 2017

    Wow that hotel is absolutely beautiful! I would love to visit and the photos from your trip are absolutely gorgeous. I’ve been reading so many articles on destinations and hotels and it’s making me plan my next trip!

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