The Ultimate Mauritius Guide: Explore Beyond the Beach Resorts

September 2, 2017 17 Comments

When someone mentions the word Mauritius, the first thing that comes to your mind probably is the beach resorts, like the ones in Maldives. There is actually so much more to this island country to explore, beyond the chilling times at the beach resorts.


The island is mainly decided into the south and the north part. I was there just last week during the mid-August, which is the middle of their winter time (Don’t forget the countries in the Southern Hemisphere are currently having their winters). Although from the North to the South is only about 67km, however, the weather could vary dramatically between the north and the south. The southern part of the island is where all the mountain ranges and the waterfalls are located, and it rains almost every day during the winter time, and the north part are relative more flat, often is warmer and has less rains. The overall weather condition in Mauritius is often referred as, Micro Weather, where you might experience a storm and the ultimate blue skies and sunshine within a ten-minutes window. Especially on the northern side, so if you see a storm coming, don’t worry, just have a cocktail and wait out for the sun to come out again after 10-15 minutes time and enjoy your island life.



North side

Northwest side is famous for the beautiful beaches, and that’s where most of the 5 start resorts are located. During the winter time, the Eastern winds can be very strong, and the North West side is definitely the least windy side, where you can experiences some calms while chilling on the beach. The capital city Port Louis is also located on the northwest of the island. Mont Choisy Beach is labeled as the most beautiful beach on the main island, which definitely worth checking out. Further north from there, there is the tourist hub, Grand Baie, which all the tourists will hang out at night for a causal dinner and some party bars. Many of the Catamaran trips for the island trips on the north side often are departed from the Grand Baie bay area.


Heading further north, there is the famous red roofed church at Cap Malheureux. It is famous not because of the red roof or the stunning beach next to it, it is famous due to the sad story behind. During the 1600s, when the French colonized the Mauritius, many Mauritians were be slaved. There was a big slave camp at where the church is built. Many of the slaves saw the island not far across the water, Gunner’s Quoin, and they planned an escape together by trying to swim across to the island. However, what they didn’t see was the large areas reefs between the beach and the island. Those who tried to escape were all killed by the shallow water and the reefs. The red roof church was then built in memorial to those were killed during the escape, symbolize the blood that was shed in the water.


Two popular islands on the North side definitely worth checking out, Flat Island and Gabriel Island. The water there is more than just crystal blue, along with the white sand beach, it painted the perfect tropical heaven for photo shoots (in other words, very instagrammerable!) It is also the heaven for diving and snorkeling. There are so many spices under the water waiting for you to check out. I was super lucky that on the way to the Gabriel Island, I saw a few groups of Humpback Whale playing around in the ocean. To be honest, this is the first time seeing an actual whale for me, and it was almost within the arm length, the spectacularness is beyond words can describe. Can you spot the Hunchback Whale in one of my photos below =)





You probably need to allocate two full days to the south side to explore the mountain ranges, valleys, and water falls properly. Mauritius is a volcanic island, just like Iceland, currently with no active volcanic. However, the historical eruptions have made the soil in Mauritius enriched with minerals and lavas, as a result of that, there are areas with naturally formed colored earth. 23-Colored Earth (La Vallee des Couleurs Nature Park) and 7-Colored Earth should be added to your To-Visit List, where you can also experience the visual of the colored earth to the max by zip-lines across the valley or drive a loop around the area with a quad bike.


If you are a rum fan, then Mauritius will be the perfect country for you to visit. More than half of the country is covered with sugarcane fields, and all the domestic rums are made by local sugar cane farms. Rhumerie de Chamarel is one of the most famous ones in town and is one of the rare distillers still active to captivate its own sugarcane. You can join quite 15 minutes tour with the distillers, and the tour starts with a cocktail making class and ends with rum tasting. In between, you can fill in the gaps yourself 🙂


Black River Gorge Viewpoint, would be a good view point for scenic photos and see the gorges from high up. You can also see the spectacular Black River Water Fall from the top from the viewpoint.

If you want to see something wild and exotic, you can also check out the Casela Zoo, which is also located on the south side of the island. However, most of the animals are imported, since Mauritius is a very small island country, it doesn’t have many domestic animals. The zoo even has Kangaroos in it! (That is a long journey for those Aussie babes to find their new home)


For Kate Surfer, Le Morne would be the ultimate playground, which is located on the southwest side of the island. That’s also the bay for dolphin watching and swim with the dolphins.


There is also the famous Hindu Temple on the South side. Unfortunately I went during the winter (raining season) it was pouring down on my during the time so visibility to the beautiful lake there was almost zero.


The East side

There are a few stunning 5-star hotels located on the East Side, for example Shangri-la and Four Seasons. However, the east-side could be a little too windy during the winter time. Having that said, the island, Ile aux Cerfs is definitely worth checking out and you probably need to dedicate a whole day for chilling out on the beaches of Ile aux Cerfs. You can take a speed boat from the main island across from the Ile aux Cerfs, which will take only 5 minutes to get to the island. What’s famous about this island, is the miles long crystal blue shallow water. You can walk a whole mile and realize that water is still at your knee level. Again this is also a very Instagrammerable spot!


Now you have the ultimate guide for Mauritius, are planning a trip to visit the country soon?






  1. Jill

    September 7, 2017

    This literally its the ultimate Mauritius guide! It’s so beautiful!! I’ve always wanted to go but I can now see it’s a ‘must’! I could easily spend a day lazing around at Ile aux Cerfs. Epic! Thanks for the tips. J. x. P.S. You are rocking that swimsuit! Hot!

  2. Candace

    September 7, 2017

    I have never been to Mauritius before, but it sure is good to know there are other things to enjoy there beside the resort! It is so beautiful there and lots of things to explore! I sure wouldn’t mind whale watching or visiting Flat Island and Gabriel Island. 🙂

  3. Rachel Holliday

    September 7, 2017

    I literally want to pack my bags and hop on a flight to Mauritius right now as it looks like the ultimate paradises! Those white sand beaches with the turquoise oceans are perfect. That church really pops too and is so beautiful despite the sad story behind it.

    The waterfalls are dreamy and that first one looks huge 🙂 Also, I’ve seen that underwater waterfall on Pinterest so many times and its incredible.

    Also, the fact that you saw whales totally just tops it off!

    Rachel xx

  4. Amanda

    September 7, 2017

    It’s so wonderful that you went to Mauritius! I’ve never been so I’m living through your gorgeous imagery right now! I loved learning about the weather and it sounds a bit like growing up in Florida, sunshine one minute, then a torrential downpour for a few minutes, followed by more sunshine! I’ll definitely have to mark Mont Choosy Beach as the beach to visit but I’ll have to keep Flat Island and Gabriel Island in mind too! I bet it’s just a dream to snorkel there! So exciting that you saw humpback whales! That’s so incredible! I bet the zip lines give you an incredible view of the beautiful earth! I don’t drink too much but I do love going on tours! I so love swimming with dolphins and I bet doing it in Mauritius makes it even that much better of an experience! I really loved that you’ve highlighted which area and places to stay during winter time! That’s so helpful!

    Manda | http://EvocativelyChosen.com

  5. Sheree

    September 7, 2017

    These photos are absolutely breathtaking! Mauritius seems like such a paradise, I’d love to vacation there. Those white, sandy beaches are so gorgeous, and your bikinis are adorable! I can’t wait to hear more about your adventures.

    ~xo Sheree

  6. Open Kloset

    September 7, 2017

    Hey Darling,
    Hows you?
    In Love with Mauritius and so long time ago Put on my Bucket List to Visit:) I hope soon:)
    Your Travel Guide and Detailed post are so Helpful and Amazing:)
    Just Saved this post for my Trip as well, Thank you so much:)
    Love Kisses
    Open Kloset By Karina
    Happy Week

  7. Diana

    September 6, 2017

    The story of the red roof church is really sad, It look beautiful so! Thanks for sharing, I wouldn’t even know about it. Are you in Georgia yet? I need to text you. Been a bit busy with traveling. I and my husband been looking where to spend our winter holidays, looks like Mauritius a perfect paradise!


  8. Natalia k

    September 6, 2017

    Gosh girl what a fabulous guide , i’ve never been there before it’s definitely on my bucket list and after seeing all the beautiful photos on your blog and Instagram I definitely need to go there soon.
    I loved hearing the backstory behind the red roofed church as I definitely like to check out places with history while I travel and those colorful rocks would make for a great Instagram picture. Thanks for sharing this amazing guide.
    Natalia k

  9. marcy

    September 6, 2017

    Such a cool post babe!! Too bad we miss each other I was there during July and have to say this island have so much to offer. I didn’t actually went to the waterfalls but it looks so amazing. Did you hike the Le Morne brabant mountain such fantastic views and good workout session lol!! I you ever go again I highly recommend Rodrigues island is so beautiful which is part of Mauritius. BTW love yours pics!


  10. Jessi Malay

    September 6, 2017

    omg looks like paradise!!! these photos are stunning babe!!!

    XO, Jessi


  11. Maggie

    September 6, 2017

    Wow, you literally went everywhere! It’s so crazy how the North and the South are so different in weather. Your travel photos are so beautiful and it’s totally giving me the travel bug. My husband and I have been wanting to visit the Maldives for the longest time. I can’t believe you saw a humpback whale too! How amazing is that!?

    Maggie S.

  12. Aimara

    September 6, 2017

    OMG girl, these photos are everything!!!!!
    What a cool guide! I had no idea there were so many things to do in Mauritius!
    You are such a babe and looks like you had so much fun exploring! You definitely got to to visit every corner. Seriously this destination looks like HEAVEN!
    Thank you so much for sharing! Saving this post to my Wanderlust board 🙂

  13. Michelle

    September 5, 2017

    You are living the Island life! All those blue skies & water and white sandy beaches look like a dream! Your pictures are gorg – what camera and lens do you use? I actually knew nothing about Mauritius so this post was super informative. I could totally get lost there for a few weeks!

  14. Darya

    September 5, 2017

    Hi Jessie,

    I absolutely love your post about Mauritius! This place has to be a paradise! I’m so overwhelmed with your photos! They are so inspiring! And there really is so much to do. I would like to go scuba diving one day and to try para-sailing.


  15. Darya

    September 5, 2017

    Hi Jessie,

    I absolutely love your post about Mauritius! This place has to be a paradise! It has always been on my bucket list and I wish I will go there one day. I’m so overwhelmed with your photos! They are so inspiring!


  16. Thomas Falkenstedt

    September 5, 2017

    After having read what I thought was going to be something about beautiful beaches and palm trees I totally changed my mind about Mauritius and find it well worth a visit. As for someone who doesn’t just want to lay down on the beach and tan (yeah, I’m weird like that) this would be the ultimate getaway for me. First I’d spend a few days on the beautiful beaches on the north side, but then I’d head to discover all the historical (albeit sad) and religious sites. It truly is a marvellous country you are guiding us to and from not being there at all, Mauritius is now on my bucket list for sure! 🙂
    Thomas xx

  17. Gina Diaz

    September 3, 2017

    I have always dreamed of going to this destination. It is so great to read your blog post and have more information about this place and the best beaches to visit. Thank you so much for such an amazing post and gorgeous shots. Can’t wait to be there myself and experience this place.

    Happy Weekend! xx. Gina

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