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· Video enclosed for my dining experience ·

May 25, 2016 Comments Off on Trending Molecular Gastronomy Restaurant in Hong Kong – Three Dice Kitchen

I was honoured to be invited by a food blogger in Hong Kong for a tasting meal at Three Dice Kitchen, an uprising trending molecular gastronomy restaurant in town. It was eye-opening dining experience to have the chef to prepare all molecular gastronomy dishes right in front of us.

Located at the upper class end of the Causeway bay next to the Lee Garden, Three Dice Kitchen has introduced a very unique concert of standing dining for its customers to truly experience the fusion style molecular gastronomy dining experiences with a budget price. The menu is designed for young and funk couples who are at introductory level for molecular gastronomy dining – Three Dice Kitchen offers a 6-course Signature Tasting Menu for only HKD 230 per head with free dessert (the dessert was the highlight of my dining and I have included a video below to your entertainment!). It is definitely a great value-for-money deal given the Restaurant has carefully chosen all the premium ingredients like Abalone, Caviar, Lobsters, Waygu Cheek, etc.


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The restaurant does a few seatings at night everyday with a capacity of 12 standing seat. Each customer were given a complementary drink (Blue berry coconut water or Rose infused soda) at the start and a complementary dessert at the end. The tasting menu changes from time to time, so the return customers won’t need to worry about having the same set menu twice.


Here’s a sneak peak of the tasting menu I had last night.

Spherification: Hami-Melon Molecular Sphere, Iberico  Ham

Spherification was invented by Ferran Adrià, the God Father of Molecular Gastronomy and the owner of the famous Catalonian restaurant El Bulli.  It consists of a controlled jellification of a liquid which forms spheres when submerged in a bath. The Melon sphere below on the spoon was made right in front of our eyes and there was no secret behind black curtains.

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Edible Plastic Bag: Wonton, Sakura Shrimp, Pork, Shrimp Roe, Dashi

The Japanese kombu soup was first boiled and filtered in a coffee boiler before it was served in a tea cup with the Plastic Bag. It was recommended to take a small sip of the soup first before take the Plastic Bag Wonton as a whole, so the warm soup in  your mouth can melt the rice-paper like plastic bag and delivery you the fillings of the Wonton. I then took another big sip of the soup, which blended so well with the Sakura shrimp, pork, and shrimp roe fillings.


FullSizeRender (36) FullSizeRender (38)


Liquid Nitrogen: Gazpacho, Capsicum, Chives

How can you have a molecular gastronomy meal without the liquid nitrogen! Liquid nitrogen was used to freeze up the Gazpacho soup, which was served in broken chunks like candies. It was very chunky and went well with the softer texture of the diced capsicums.

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Emulsification: Lobster Mousse, Caviar, Cauliflower

Lobster mousse was served in cute little espresso cups, top with caviar with cauliflower jelly at the bottom.

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Smoke-At-Table, Sous-Vide: Salmon, Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Lemon, Olive

Sous-Vide machines are often use for slow cooking, like the 63 degree eggs. The ocean salmon was sealed and cooked with the extra virgin olive oil in with the sous-vide machine, which adds the extra tenderness to the salmon. The salmon was then smoked in a jar and served with lid tightly closed. When you open the jar, you can smell the salmon from the smoke. It is served with Black olive salt on the side.

FullSizeRender (41) FullSizeRender (42)


Air and Foams: “Bo Jai” Paella in Chinese Abalone Sauce.

Here finally comes the main dish of the dinner. From the photos and description so far, you probably wonder if you would be full by the end of the dinner. Don’t worry, Three Dice Kitchen got you covered. Here’s comes the main dish in the Hong Kong “Bo Jai” style with Wagyu Cheek cooked with Sous Vide machine at 85 degree for more than 8 hours, on top of the rice with abalone sauce. The dish was cooked like a Chinese style paella with crust formed at the bottom. The garlic foam goes with the rice dish was prepared with a fish tank pump.

FullSizeRender (43) FullSizeRender (44)


The whole dining experience with Three Dice Kitchen was truly an adventure with all the live demonstration of the preparation of the molecular gastronomy dishes.


Three Dice Kitchen Contact Details:

Address: 36 Leighton Rd, Causeway Bay, Hong Kong

Website: http://www.3dicekitchen.com/



As promised, here’s a video with my funk dessert! it’s a smoke meringue.





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